so it's come to this.

I'm studied Judaism, (Therevada) Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity. Aaaaaall bullshit. Though I like Buddhism, just not enough to actually put time into it. For example: I'm aso learning the cello :)

I've also studied Chinese Calligraphy, Basic Russian, Language and Speech science, Speech Pathology, basic computer programming in C/C++, Pascal, and BASIC; and Computer Forensics.

I study mainly to have hobbies, and anecdotes for parties that I never get invited back to.

I have a very rare heart condition (right-side tri-cuspid and pulmonary atresa with lung hypertension) with an expected TOA at 55yo. I am 35.

It's the rarest in the state I live in -- possibly the world - but let's not lose our heads. And I mean New South Wales has like 7million people, so...

I like strained pineapple rum, and staying inside during storms.

ps. I'm writing a game - check it out at redrom.ltd and following me on the Book of Faces and all the Twitters COMING JULY 2019