Global Collapse Thursday

November 25, 2015

The stories you were unaware of – happening in your world.
First in a series of weekly telegraphs, direct from the near future!

Deloitte publishes unverifiable survey

UK police officers praise efficacy of BYOD, work laptops with USB access

Global hotel chain charges money to guests to have their credit card stolen

Opinion: Maybe there’s a new way we can blame young people for adult incompetency

Clever man invents number thing

Report: Arms race produces arms dealers, buyers

Babies, old men call for global ban on steak

Liars: “We are not liars”

Removal of civil liberty the only way to thwart threats to civility, liberty, explains tired government employee

The age of alchemy? This innovative retailer has found a way to turn dog-shit into gold

Trusting users misled by for-profit multinational electronics repackaging company