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Posted by on 25th Jun 2015

Memoirs of a Gel I Shat
David Foster Wallace’s most evasively irreverent title yet, this is his most staggering work of genius since his death by suicide in 2008.

In an unknown future time, in a border town on a long-colonised moon, public sector services compete to take on the task of finding oxygen to sustain existing life for another year. Efron Cadence is a government worker for an agency that has been enphaginated by a larger entity, and through a twist of fate is promoted to chief ministry project coordinator for the ensuing oxygen distribution project. Efron doesn’t know how he can rise to the challenge, or win the love of Henrietta DeMornay, his beautiful colleague who doesn’t know he exists. Can a mysterious edible shampoo, fabled to bring luck to any Caucasian that uses it – and immediately asphyxiate liars – finally give him what he needs to succeed?

The Recorrections
Following Memoirs of a Geisha, Arthur Golden returns with his magnum opus. In Recorrections, Golden has crafted a work of authentic historical fiction, once again choosing to co-opt Asian culture to dress up what would otherwise be the story of a woman who falls in love during the war – and then is sad. With references to real events, real countries, and with the trademark of all great fiction – narrative ambiguity – Goldman shows he has been toiling to hone his skills as a storyteller; and a curator of history.

The Grey Ant, Gatsby
Gatsby and his friends are on an adventure to find the Sparkly Butterfly who has terrorised their village in Ant Land for too long…
By Peter Carey

Moby's Dicks
Counterculture low-fi electronic artist Moby has suffered with diphallia from birth. With a string of rejections and ruined relationships following him, Moby resolves to have his second penis (“the white whale”) excised; when he suddenly meets Ishmael, a transgendered dock worker who may be able to love him for who he is. Now Moby must choose between preserving his career as an outwardly monophalic musical artist, and the life of a happy outcast. Herman Melville’s classic tale of obsession and redemption explores the clash between who we are and what we want.

Scratch 22
A man, chosen by fate, racks up an incredible fortune through 21 consecutive lottery scratch tickets. At first emboldened by his streak of luck, he soon becomes intensely paranoid of what scratch 22 may hold…

No Country Is For Old Men
Non-fiction study that concludes there are no states sanctioned solely for men over 60 – unless one counts the undiscovered country; the future. In which they shall all go on before us. Going on ahead, to make a fire somewhere out there in all that dark.