At The Movies

Posted by Wanky on 19th May 2015

Pup Fiction 6.45p, 8.30p, 9.15p
The heartwarming tale of a dog dreaming of his adventures in medieval Portugal as a conquistador.

Forest Gum 7.20p, 9.20p
A 3 hour documentary about Australia’s flora, travelling from Darwin to South Australia - in one continuous shot. Soundtrack featuring Yothu Yindi and Fear Factory.

Cloud Alas 7.30p, 7.45p, 8.30p, 9.15p
Six intertwining narratives spanning 500 years, telling the story of Johnny, the Sad Cloud and the search for his mother, Big Mamma Cloud.

Brother Ear 10.00a, 4.30pm, 6.00p
Disney animated children's comedy about a pair of ears who are brothers – from two different crania! What happens when they meet Crimpy, another ear with a damaged tragis who can’t find his way home?

Los Highway 8.30p, 9.20p
David Lynch's polarising thriller about betrayal, perversion and high speed dragster racing in the city of dreams.
This is Lynch's first film with an entirely Spanish language script and cast.