At The Video Store

Posted by bored clerk on 9th Jul 2015

Total Recal (1990)
Douglas Quaid Arnold Schwarzenegger is a construction worker who longs for a more exciting life. Intrigued by space travel, but without the ready funds for an extraterrestrial holiday, he vows to take a second job as a printing machinist’s assistant to get the extra money. When a Roland D46 Deluxe 22 Colour System comes in after a fire has damaged its tray-alignment matrix – is he up to the challenge of a Total Recal?
Guest starring Rush.

The Fas and the Furious (2009)
Buddies Michael “Fas” Fassbender as himself and Samual L “Mr Furious” Jackson Bryan Cranston play two foul-mouthed crab fishermen who cash in their business to buy tickets to Honolulu where they will compete in the world’s most extreme water-sport – shark surfing. When two gangsters Jake and Maggie Gylenhaal accost the new champions with an offer they can’t refuse, what will Fas and Fury do to save their skins?
With Nathan Lane as Vinnie the Pin.

The Never Ending Tory (1984)
Margaret Thatcher Charles Napier refuses to die – and now it’s up to retired British army colonel Jack “The Ripper” Bradbury Rhys Ifans to take her out.
With Woody Harrelson as Major Hart, and Miranda Richardson as Silkybell the terrier.

The Englishmen Who Went Up A Hill But Came Down A Montain (1995)
At the close of the First World War, cartographer Reginald Anson Hugh Bonneville is investigating a landmark in the Welsh town of Ffynnon Garw — but causes outrage when he reveals that the town’s “mountain” is in fact a hill, falling just short of the 1000ft requirement.
Led by the wily Morgan The Goat Colm Meaney’s chin, the villagers band together to turn their hill into a mountain – but accidentally craft a 2000ft replica of the face of Lady Clarissa Montain, the queen’s first cousin, in profile instead — baffling Anson, who immediately ejaculates down its southern slope in shock.