Evidence of Time Travel Uncovered

Eat, pray, snow.

Posted by Yosa "OUTATIME" Buson on 11th Jun 2015

The long lost tomb of notable 18th century poet, painter and haiku master, Yosa Buson, has been found by archaeologists below an abandoned dairy farm barn in Hokkaido prefecture. The team found the tomb when police investigating a 20th century 'cold case' homicide stumbled across a large sarcophagus, inscribed with symbols for "Taniguchi - Kema - Yeso" (Buson's original family name, birth place, and an old name for Hokkaido).

But the real find was the artefacts in the stone tomb with the corpse of the man believed to be Buson - a polaroid camera, a pair of 'aviator' sunglasses, and a Nokia 1280, a simple mobile phone sold until 2010; perfect accompaniments for a traveller who was eager to see and experience all but decidedly not tech-savvy.

Awaiting carbon-dating of the burial trophies, scientists and historians were also shocked to find the following prose -- suggesting Buson (or a masterful forger) had visited present times and created verses based on the popular cultural texts of our society: Hollywood movies. Translations are provided below.

The Spacing of Cubicles
When fixing wagons
Strong axels allow turning
Too late, wrong Lumbergh
-Office Space

The Spacing of Cubicles
Obstinate printer!
I instruct and you perform!
My wrath is your ink

The third note brings fear
To the unknown encounter
Welcoming faces

Business Risks
Business is risky
Let me sing just the old songs
The cotton fields sway

The Man Bat
They deserve goodwill
I hide my face, I fight them
They had it coming

Northern Cake
One time at band camp
A buried shakuhachi
My lips made it sing

A Facing Book
A status update
New leaves spring from the branch tips
They fall gracefully