Posted by on 10th Jun 2015

Dear Ser Gregor Clegane,

I was saddened to hear of your recent fatal wounding during single combat. My condolences to your family and supporters.

Unfortunately, The Hefty Gentleman is retooling its infrastructure and this means drastic changes in staff resource base. We are sorry to inform you that, pending payment of any remaining personal leave entitlements, your position within our company will be terminated and you will no longer be a Junior Shoppe Liaison and Brand Ambassador in our Kings Landing sales space.

We are also unfortunately unable to offer you an interview opportunity for other positions in the Hefty chain, at this time.

May I take this moment to thank you for your many years as a part-time front-of-house staff member in our flagship Westeros store. Without your service, Hefty Gentleman would not have achieved its missions of becoming a fashion reference icon in the lands west of the narrow sea, or the customer care champion that we are now recognised as. You have made a difference. Though we are recharging our staff capital after investigating a new tailored identity to better build into new product spaces, we are in your debt* for your contribution to the Hefty Gentleman story.

I trust you will find success in your future endeavours and have grown from your time engaged in our massive and awful corporate pyramid tomb.

Best of luck,

Regor Spincraft,
CEO COO Hefty Clothing

dictated but not read.

*not a genuine financial instrument of remunerative services