I Am Scotty

RIP Polly, 23/July/2017

Posted by Human Owner on 23rd Apr 2015

My name is Scotty, and I am a good dog.

I was so happy when my new owners found me. I had been living with Mrs. Ashbury since I was a puppy. I do not remember my mother. My leg was hurt and I was on “cage rest”. This what the twolegs call it – it is when you’re hurt, so you rest all day, and you are in a cage. It was very boring and they made me eat pills that made me sleepy.
Now I live with a new family, and they take great care of me! I get to walk around and have fun! It smells different to Mrs. Ashbury’s house, which was big and old and draughty. We all live in a little, cozy house inside a big block of other little houses. Like cages. But I’m always so happy because there is a huge garden surrounding the little houses, and we go walking in it twice a day.

During the day I stay inside and rest. It’s very warm and comfortable.

When the twolegs arrive home from “work” or “theshops”, we go for a walk then!

My leash extends so I am always left to explore, but never alone. They let me visit all my favourite spots in the garden. They say “come on Scotty!” and I go running and look for new places in the garden. We always visit my favourite places, always in the same order so I know I’m safe.
I hear other dogs barking a long way away. I hear other people living in the little houses around our house.

That garden I walk in is very big and it extends on to other gardens, and more gardens in those gardens, and even big and small houses, and yet more gardens and big trees. I wonder how far the garden goes? I wonder where the other dogs live? Are they as happy as me?

I always get lots of treats and cuddles from my new twolegs! They say “you are a good dog Scotty, and we love you very much and we will always look after you.”

How I hunger to be free and for them to be silent.