Newly Discovered Ancient Haiku

Posted by Matsuo "Seargant at Calms" Bashō on 3rd Jun 2015

Once a sub-genre of ribald puns used by the Japanese literatti, haiku became legitimised as a subtle art form by the 17th century master poet Matsuo Bashō and those who followed him. Recently unearthed during excavations for a new underground rail line in Tokyo (formerly Edo), this is a sample of the cache of hitherto unknown early poetry by Bashō and other greats, including haiku poets going into the 19th century. Writing on a diverse array of subjects, these once lost texts have now been restored and translated for a wider audience.

On politics:
Flowers pollinate
The politicians deceive
Nature is blameless
-Yosa Buson

The emperor says
State your conscience, I am just
My sword is balanced
-Kobayashi Issa

Pen, signing quickly
Inked wood tip stains the parchment
Outside boys fly kites
-Matsuo Bashō

On existence:
Priests under the cliff
Scratching symbols on the ground
Above rocks falling
-Yosa Buson

No card can foretell
From within its mighty house
When it must collapse
-Masaoka Shiki

The stars in the sky
Shimmering cartographies
But space has no map
-Masaoka Shiki

On nature and humanity:
From under blankets
I peak at your bright faces
I shrink, but you grow
-Matsuo Bashō

The riches of earth
They reach for them with thick roots
They drink our milkshake
-Kobayashi Issa

On body image:
Cleo thinks you’re fat
An argument without weight
Your health is plenty
-Kobayashi Issa

Shawty at the club
Apples, blossoms, fur of fawns
Club gazes, she bends
-Matsuo Bashō

On survival:
Erryone get crunk
What what up in the playpit
Money sex cars death
-Masaoka Shiki

Back up in your arse
With the resurrection, die
Motherfuckers, Die.
-Kobayashi Issa

On bitches:
Women are nothing
Fellate me, be thorough, leave
I loved my mother
-Ice Cube

3 6 9 look fine
Hope she sock it one more time
Get low, continue.
-Ying Yang Twins